meet wee L {sneak peek: Seattle Lifestyle Newborn Photography}

Sometimes “older” newborn sessions can be tough, babies reach a stage where they are just aware enough to be a little fussy and this can cause a little stress with new parents really hoping for those sweet, peaceful, sleepy newborn shots, but sometimes my clients make my job so easy.  The love and ease that these two showed with their new wee one was so apparent, the whole session was so great.  Welcome wee L, I am so glad I had a chance to meet you!
weeL-004 weeL-001 weeL-002 weeL-003 weeL-005 weeL-006 weeL-007 weeL-008 weeL-009 weeL-010 weeL-011 weeL-012 weeL-013 weeL-014 weeL-015 weeL-016 weeL-017

Project 52 Saturdays: Week 6 Going on an Adventure to Flaming Geyser State Park

This Saturday we had a great rainy adventure to somewhere we had never been, Flaming Geyser State Park.  It was fantastic.  The trip there was a little rocky since we had originally intended to go somewhere else which we couldn’t find but when we stopped for gas the guy who worked there told us about Flaming Geyser and it ended up being great.  I love the Pacific Northwest.  All the green and the water and the mossy trees, I never get tired of it.  I had packed lots of extra clothes in the car in the event that the boys got wet and sure enough our eldest ended up in the river, but he took it in stride and all and all it was a perfect Saturday.

Project 52- Saturday6-001 Project 52- Saturday6-002 Project 52- Saturday6-003 Project 52- Saturday6-004 Project 52- Saturday6-005 Project 52- Saturday6-006 Project 52- Saturday6-007 Project 52- Saturday6-008 Project 52- Saturday6-009 Project 52- Saturday6-010 Project 52- Saturday6-011 Project 52- Saturday6-012 Project 52- Saturday6-013 Project 52- Saturday6-014 Project 52- Saturday6-015 Project 52- Saturday6-016 Project 52- Saturday6-017 Project 52- Saturday6-018 Project 52- Saturday6-019 Project 52- Saturday6-020 Project 52- Saturday6-021 Project 52- Saturday6-022 Project 52- Saturday6-023 Project 52- Saturday6-024 Project 52- Saturday6-025 Project 52- Saturday6-026 Project 52- Saturday6-027 Project 52- Saturday6-028 Project 52- Saturday6-029 Project 52- Saturday6-030 Project 52- Saturday6-031 Project 52- Saturday6-032 Project 52- Saturday6-033 Project 52- Saturday6-034 Project 52- Saturday6-035 Project 52- Saturday6-036

Project 52 Saturdays: Week 5 Saturday at home, homemade slingshots and other shenanigans

We didn’t have any big plans this weekend, just your normal chores, cleaning, meal planning …that sort of thing.  Our youngest is at the stage where it is questionable if he is actual more of a help than a hinderance when it comes to cleaning his room, since he tends to find new things he wants to take out and play with right away faster than you can actually clean up anything.  Today his big find was a stash of brightly colored elastic headbands someone gave us for my older son to hold back his long hair when he plays sports.  I was too slow getting my camera to get a good capture of him attempting to wear all 10 headbands at once and admiring himself in the mirror before the boys discovered that they also made fabulous projectiles.  As these things have a way to going sideways quickly, my husband jumped in and suggested we take the excitement outside and shoot at targets rather than each other.  He quickly Macgyvered a homemade sling shot and set up some empty cans in the yard.  It was a big hit.   Project 52- Saturday5-003 Project 52- Saturday5-002 Project 52- Saturday5-004 Project 52- Saturday5-005 Project 52- Saturday5-006 Project 52- Saturday5-007 Project 52- Saturday5-008 Project 52- Saturday5-009 Project 52- Saturday5-010 Project 52- Saturday5-011 Project 52- Saturday5-012 Project 52- Saturday5-013 Project 52- Saturday5-014 Project 52- Saturday5-015 Project 52- Saturday5-016 Project 52- Saturday5-017 Project 52- Saturday5-018

Project 52 Saturdays: Week 4 Saint Edward State Park and cowboys boots

This Saturday we planned to go for a hike about an hour away, so in preparation we decided we needed to buy our older son some new boots since the trail we were planning on hiking was supposed to be really muddy and the only shoes he owns that currently fit him are his indoor soccer shoes, not ideal for hiking muddy northwest trails.  So against my better judgement we dragged the whole family to Sears in search of some cheap rain boots and our younger son soon ran off (as he has a tendency to do) and I could see him just out of the corner of my eye hopping up and down like a lunatic, screaming ” MOMMY I FOUND THE MOST AWESOME COWBOY, COWBOY BOOTS!!!!!”  his enthusiasm was impossible to ignore and by the time I reached him he had already gotten the boots out of the box and was in the midst of putting them on and then began strutting around the store.  So needless to say we left the store with 2 new pairs of boots and in the end never made it on the hike we had planned, but that afternoon we headed to Saint Edward State Park . I love this place, one of my absolute favorites, the playground is amazing and a fantastic place for a good game of hide and seek.

Project 52- Saturday4-001-2 Project 52- Saturday4-002-2 Project 52- Saturday4-003 Project 52- Saturday4-007 Project 52- Saturday4-005 Project 52- Saturday4-008 Project 52- Saturday4-010 Project 52- Saturday4-011 Project 52- Saturday4-012 Project 52- Saturday4-013 Project 52- Saturday4-014 Project 52- Saturday4-015 Project 52- Saturday4-018 Project 52- Saturday4-016 Project 52- Saturday4-019 Project 52- Saturday4-022 Project 52- Saturday4-023 Project 52- Saturday4-024 Project 52- Saturday4-026 Project 52- Saturday4-028 Project 52- Saturday4-029 Project 52- Saturday4-030 Project 52- Saturday4-031 Project 52- Saturday4-032 Project 52- Saturday4-034 Project 52- Saturday4-035 Project 52- Saturday4-036 Project 52- Saturday4-037 Project 52- Saturday4-038 Project 52- Saturday4-041 Project 52- Saturday4-039

Project 52 Saturdays: Week 3 pipecleaners, legos and spontaneous dance parties


This week I think I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.  Photo credit goes to my oldest for the photo with me in it, I handed him my DSLR and said “please don’t drop it” I think he did a pretty good job.   I’m adding a new goal to this project of making sure I am in at least one of the photos each Saturday, just to prove I was there. Project 52- Saturday3-001 Project 52- Saturday3-002 Project 52- Saturday3-003 Project 52- Saturday3-004 Project 52- Saturday3-005 Project 52- Saturday3-007 Project 52- Saturday3-008 Project 52- Saturday3-009 Project 52- Saturday3-010 Project 52- Saturday3-011 Project 52- Saturday3-012 Project 52- Saturday3-013 Project 52- Saturday3-014 Project 52- Saturday3-015 Project 52- Saturday3-016 Project 52- Saturday3-017 Project 52- Saturday3-018 Project 52- Saturday3-019 Project 52- Saturday3-020 Project 52- Saturday3-021 Project 52- Saturday3-022 Project 52- Saturday3-023 Project 52- Saturday3-024 Project 52- Saturday3-025 Project 52- Saturday3-026 Project 52- Saturday3-027 Project 52- Saturday3-028 Project 52- Saturday3-029 Project 52- Saturday3-030 Project 52- Saturday3-031 Project 52- Saturday3-032 Project 52- Saturday3-033 Project 52- Saturday3-034 Project 52- Saturday3-036

Project 52 Saturdays: Week 2 Toddler Party 2016

Week two of my Project 52 Saturdays involved an airplane trip and some beautiful sunny weather.  My youngest and I traveled to Phoenix to meet up with friends for our annual toddler party…the first of which began when he was not quite a year old.  After three of my close friends had babies at the same time we came up with the fantastic idea to plan an annual meet up with just us girls and the babies, we would hang out, drink wine, relax…. while our babies all happily played together. (ha!)  The first year was also in Phoenix and we rented a beautiful suite at a resort, it was a blur of feeding and napping and crying and hair pulling (that would be my wee one, pulling everyone else’s hair) and not so much relaxing maybe but it was still great and we vowed to make it a regular thing.  It is such an amazing thing to be able to watch your own kids growing up with the friends you grew up with, even though we live far apart and don’t see each other nearly as much as we would like, I know these kids will look back on these yearly get togethers with fond memories.  The first photo is a look back at that first meet up….. missing just one key person who ended up having to stay home sick, so we decided to recreate the photo this time.  The rest was a perfect mix of bouncing, bubbles, bike riding and hide and seek, overall I know it will be one of my favorite Saturdays of the year!

Project 52- Saturday2-001-2 Project 52- Saturday2-008 Project 52- Saturday2-003 Project 52- Saturday2-071 Project 52- Saturday2-061 Project 52- Saturday2-066 Project 52- Saturday2-059 Project 52- Saturday2-056 Project 52- Saturday2-063 Project 52- Saturday2-006 Project 52- Saturday2-027 Project 52- Saturday2-067 Project 52- Saturday2-069 Project 52- Saturday2-078 Project 52- Saturday2-080 Project 52- Saturday2-032 Project 52- Saturday2-005 Project 52- Saturday2-064 Project 52- Saturday2-065 Project 52- Saturday2-035 Project 52- Saturday2-045 Project 52- Saturday2-052 Project 52- Saturday2-049 Project 52- Saturday2-083

Project 52 Saturdays: Week 1 Star Wars Day

Sometimes when you get so much joy out of photographing other people’s families your own family takes a back seat.  I have decided to try a new personal photography project this year, based on Project 52 that I began last year, but didn’t finish.  The weekly themes just became too hard to keep up with and I let it go.  This year I will simply document 52 Saturdays, whatever we are doing, wherever we are.  I hope this serves two purposes, first to remind me that my love of photography really began in ernest when our eldest son was born and I want to continue to document their childhoods and capture all those day to day moments.  Second, I want it to serve as a reminder that we only have 940 Saturdays from the moment our kids are born until they turn 18 and although the grocery list and giant pile of laundry may seem so important in the moment, it really isn’t.  So here we go for a year full of family time and photos.  Today was Saturday number one and we took the kids to see the new Star Wars movie this morning.  I then took our youngest to the park to burn off some energy after he did such a great job sitting relatively still and quietly through the whole movie, we searched for Ewoks in the trees and explored the forest.  When we got home the kids decided to break out the Star Wars toys for an epic battle of light vs. dark.  The dark side always loses.  With the wee ones finally tucked in bed, I am already looking forward to next Saturday.

Project 52- Saturday1-001 Project 52- Saturday1-002 Project 52- Saturday1-003 Project 52- Saturday1-004 Project 52- Saturday1-005 Project 52- Saturday1-006 Project 52- Saturday1-007
Project 52- Saturday1-009 Project 52- Saturday1-010 Project 52- Saturday1-011 Project 52- Saturday1-012
Project 52- Saturday1-014 Project 52- Saturday1-015 Project 52- Saturday1-016 Project 52- Saturday1-017 Project 52- Saturday1-018 Project 52- Saturday1-019 Project 52- Saturday1-020 Project 52- Saturday1-021 Project 52- Saturday1-022 Project 52- Saturday1-023 Project 52- Saturday1-024 Project 52- Saturday1-025 Project 52- Saturday1-026 Project 52- Saturday1-027

meet wee H…{sneak peek Seattle Newborn Photography}

One of my favorite things about photography is being able to photograph friends families and share these precious moments with them.  So I was super excited when one of my most favorite families welcomed their newest wee one into the world.  Her big sister is so sweet and you can already tell she is going to be a super big sis.  I’m so happy for you guys and love watching your family grow.

weeonephotography_wee H newborn-001 weeonephotography_wee H newborn-002 weeonephotography_wee H newborn-003 weeonephotography_wee H newborn-004 weeonephotography_wee H newborn-005 weeonephotography_wee H newborn-006 weeonephotography_wee H newborn-007 weeonephotography_wee H newborn-008 weeonephotography_wee H newborn-009 weeonephotography_wee H newborn-010 weeonephotography_wee H newborn-011 weeonephotography_wee H newborn-012 weeonephotography_wee H newborn-013 weeonephotography_wee H newborn-015 weeonephotography_wee H newborn-016

A sleepy wee newborn….what more can you ask for? {Seattle newborn photography}

There is nothing I love more than a sweet, sleepy wee baby and this wee one was one of the sweetest.  She was perfectly content whether snuggled up on the beanbag or snuggled in her families arms.  So glad I had the chance to meet you and capture some of those precious moments when you were so new.

W family_newborn Seattle_1 W family_newborn Seattle_2 W family_newborn Seattle_3 W family_newborn Seattle_4 W family_newborn Seattle_5 W family_newborn Seattle_6 W family_newborn Seattle_7 W family_newborn Seattle_8 W family_newborn Seattle_9 W family_newborn Seattle_10 W family_newborn Seattle_11 W family_newborn Seattle_12 W family_newborn Seattle_13 W family_newborn Seattle_14 W family_newborn Seattle_15 W family_newborn Seattle_16 W family_newborn Seattle_17 W family_newborn Seattle_18 W family_newborn Seattle_19 W family_newborn Seattle_20 W family_newborn Seattle_21

wee O {sneak peek: Washington Arboretum}

A beautiful day at the Arboretum to take some photos of this sweet wee lady.  It seems not long ago I was taking her newborn photos and here she is cruising around.  I feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to watch my littlest clients grow up.   weeO_washington_arboretum-1 weeO_washington_arboretum-2 weeO_washington_arboretum-3 weeO_washington_arboretum-4 weeO_washington_arboretum-5 weeO_washington_arboretum-6 weeO_washington_arboretum-7 weeO_washington_arboretum-8 weeO_washington_arboretum-9 weeO_washington_arboretum-10 weeO_washington_arboretum-11 weeO_washington_arboretum-12 weeO_washington_arboretum-13